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The best new cruise ships for 2019

The cruise boom is continuing full steam ahead into 2019, with plenty of new ships -- piled high with innovations -- lined up to sail the seven seas. Shipbuilding trends are leaning toward sustainability (with industry-first hybrid and LNG-powered ships…

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The World’s Known Largest Ice-Breaking Ships

Similar to the other types of water transportation such as passenger ships, tankers, cruise ships, container vessels, etc., “icebreakers” are as well undeniably helpful and valuable. Because of icebreaker ships, immobilized ships due to ice can conveniently and safely get…

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How Will Ship Routing Look in Fifteen Years?

Ships will be much more digitally connected with increasing access to high-speed internet. This will allow route suggestions to be delivered in a format that the Master can accept directly into the ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System), rather…

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Arrange your shipment around Chinese New Year!

In 2019, Chinese New Year-also known as lunar New Year-will take place from February 3rd through 9th. Carriers generally announce blank sailings (also known as void sailings) after Chinese New Year, which will affect shipments from the Trans-Pacific Eastbound and…

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